REVELIO – Unveil. Unleash. Unfurl.

Do you see yourself as an extroverted introvert? Do you think first and then act or act first then think? Do you secretly try to find out more about the hidden message of life? Do you feel lonely, unloved or unwanted? Do you always feel that there’s no one at all who will understand you or your problems? Do you not have a person who will sit quietly and just listen you talk, even if you speak utter rubbish? Do you have secrets that you would like to share with someone?

Also, are you one of those people who generally fall into a part of huge social circles but at inner core, somehow, someway lack true friendship? Have you never fallen in love or experienced committed relationships? Have you not cried when your favorite character died in books or TV serials? Got emotional watching movies? Wanted Hogwarts to be real? Sing or dance when you too happy or sad? Talk to your imaginary friend who is always there no matter how many ups and downs you have had in life?

Well, if your answer is ‘yes’ to anyone of these questions or to the majority of them then don’t worry, you are just as sane as I am. There’s nothing wrong with you. There’s nothing that can stop you from being who you are and be unique.

While all of us are sitting on a roller coaster ride called, ‘life’, it is the tracks that on which the train runs which matters. Some tracks have more ups and fewer downs or vice versa. However, you should know one thing for sure, no matter how many ups you have enjoyed or downs you have loathed, at the end, all of our rides will come to a halt and there’s no two way about it.

I am not a psychologist, counselor, teacher, healer or anything like that but I am just a high school student. I can somehow connect with certain things better than others, like understanding emotions and feelings, interpreting them, giving out ideas and suggestions to help cope up with something or how to make each day a great day. Honestly, these are the ways in which I have somehow managed to cope up with all my problems and I believe that it might help someone who probably is going through a situation which even I have dealt with. All the blog posts that you will find here are somehow related to me in some or the other way. The sole purpose of starting this blog was to share my experiences and ideas with people around the globe who probably may find themselves in a similar situation or relate to what I have to say and share.

Not only will you find my life experiences, interpretations of things, ideas, suggestions, and stories but also a few articles on movies, books, reviews and other things that interest me.

Lastly, before you can check out my Secrets and that of others, you need to know that all things shared here are completely personal. By no means, I intend to disrespect or offend any religion or community. You are welcome to share your views and experiences with me in the comments section or drop in a mail at revelio.secrets@gmail.com if there’s something that bothers you or something that you can’t share in the comment section.

Happy Reading!