Chaitanya Srivastava is presently studying in class 12 at Birla High School, Kolkata. He is a Humanities student. His favourite subject is Psychology and History.

He is a creative individual who likes to think out of the box at every possible step and usually has his own way of dealing with people and situations. He wants to touch upon the lives of others in a way no one else can and belives that all he needs is a little bit of magic and acceptance!

He loves painting, drawing, sketching and craftwork. Half the time he is covered in paints! He likes to read fiction and fantasy books. Jk Rowling’s Harry Potter is his absolute favourite and he draws major inspiration from the series. He also likes to watch movies, both Hollywood and Bollywood and review them. His favourite movies are Roads to Perdition, Brokeback Mountains, Marley and Me, Boyhood, Blue Valentine amongst other to name.

He is also a columnist for most leading dailies in Calcutta including The Telegraph, t2, TTIS, Young Metro, Telekids, TIMES NIE, etc.

He wishes to pursue with Mass Communication (Journalism, Advertising, and PR) at the college level.  He has worked as an intern in various organisations. Presently he is managing Public Relations for Calcutta Cacophony and has successfully handled all responsibilities and even organised for a special movie screening for the film, Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them last November, LUMOS.